Sunday, April 26, 2009

James Franc-oooooooh, shit!

Got dayum, James Franco is so fucking hot.  I just cannot express it any better than that. Barely 30 and blessed with an angel's face and a darling little figure, Franco is currently very popular eye- candy for the younger (and the cougar) set.  

To be honest, I'd seen very little of his work, excepting one of the Spider Man flicks.  It was when I rented Milk that I got to see his acting chops as he dug deep into the role of Harvey Milk's beau, Scott Smith.  He acted beautifully, with a simple and mellow ease that was devoid of histrionics or stereotyping.  It's hard to act against someone as delicious and talented as Sean Penn, but James really pulls it off and the film is just lovely.  I think Harvey would have been proud.

Li'l Jimmy Franco is an exquisite package.  He is of Jewish, Swedish and Portuguese descent and was voted to have the "best smile" by his senior classmates.  He won a Golden Globe award in 2001 for portraying (who else?) the legendary James Dean.  He is reputed to be a nice, friendly and easygoing chap and seems to choose roles that are a bit off of the beaten path (Pineapple Express, anyone?).  

The man can model.  Just type his name into the google bar and you'll see hundreds of photos, some of which are for fashion magazines, like Men's Vogue.  When you scroll through the pics I have attached, you'll most likely notice the one with him dripping wet and climbing out of a pool with his clothes stuck to him like leatha'.  Hot fucking damn, I say.  HOT. Fucking. Damn.

Of course,  you'll also notice that there is yet another pic of a hot man with a gun.  Like most Americans, I am a bit gun obsessed, but I don't own one.  I just dig seeing attractive guys with guns because it's dangerous, a bit scary and down-and-diggity-dawg sexy.  Am I wrong?  Am I wrong?

At any rate, I think that Jimmy Franco has a long career ahead of him and I for one am going to enjoy every minute of it.

I dare you to not look (and look and look) at the photos attached of this young man.

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