Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gram Parsons: Sweet Southern Nugget

Whenever I have drunk too many glasses of iced tea or eaten too much sugar, I'll put on the "Flyin' Burrito Brothers" CD and just chill.  I call it "slow motion music" as it really takes the edge off and pretty soon, there I am, sittin' in front of the stereo, singin' along.

Gram Parsons appeals to me  in that same "slow motion" fashion.  Here's a dude who would come over, hang out, get stoned, eat some beans and rice and drink some beers, drink some vodka, invite Keith Richards over and harmonize on "Wild Horses", get stoned again, talk about the draft, write a song about the draft, smoke some more pot, have a button o' peyote, it's all game.

To me, Gram is like a sloe gin fizz on a sizzling summer's day in Savannah- refreshing, easy and pleasant.  No muss, no worries, sans serif.  And the man could work a nudie suit like no other.

Dig the assorted shots of Gram

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