Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paul McCartney: Incense and Peppermints

Come with me.  We are going back in time... back to 1964.  But hurry!  We only have a small window of time before Paul McCartney's hotness withers on the vine and alas, is gone forever. 

Before "Wings", the whole "Ebony and Ivory" debacle, (same for "The Girl is Mine") and that bitch with the wooden leg, there existed the young, soulful and 100% hot Paul McCartney.

Now don't come at me with the whole "John Lennon was way cooler" argument.  I agree with you, John WAS cooler---infinitely cooler and his solo work was the best out of all four, with George coming in at a close second.  And Ringo.. Well, I don't give a fuck about Ringo, honestly. Please tell me that I am not the only one who skips over every Ringo song, excepting "With A Little Help from my Friends."

Anyway, what Paul lacked for in the cool department, he made up for in charm, talent and ol' fashioned good looks.  He had the sweetest face, with those big, droopy eyes and darling, rosebud lips.  He also had teeth that were better than the others... No small feat for a Brit in the 1960's.  Add all of that to his lovely, buttery voice which sang "Michelle" but meant "drop yer drawers!" to the throngs of screaming fans who reportedly orgasmed during the Beatles' live shows!!

Unfortunately, the Beatles split and Paul became hokier than ever.  Granted, he seems to be a nice chap who was a good husband to Linda and father to his children and that's all very sweet, I admit.  Still, I really prefer the Paul of yesteryear, between 1963-1967.

Languish in his lovlieness in the attached pics.

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