Monday, April 20, 2009

Crispin Glover: Slightly Creepy Adonis

Pudd'n bowl hairdo and reedy voice aside, Crispin Glover is totally hot.  I sat through "Willard", which is not a bad film, but happens to be full of rats.  We're talking rats in every fucking scene and great hordes of them.  I fucking hate rats to the point that even rubber ones make me shriek and cry and scare the hell out of everyone within earshot. It's testament to Crispin's hotness that I endured "Willard" and every other weird goddamned movie that is his trademark.  

Another example of my loyalty to Crispin:  I hate Drew Barrymore almost as much as I hate rats.  (It's her lisp, trust me).  Still, I sat through that christforsaken "Charlie's Angels" flick just so I could see Crispin as The Thin Man, easily the sexiest actor in the whole production. Granted, I fast-forwarded most of it until Crispin came on the screen  because the rest of it is.... so bad.  I also love the fact that he publicly dissed the movie and revealed to the press his reasons for playing the Thin Man character as a mute- "the dialogue was so poorly written that I told the director I'd only do the picture if my character did not speak."  Oh, snap!

His characters in films tend to be hilariously creepy, but he still brings the sexy, even when playing over-the-top cokehead Laine in "River's Edge".  In public appearances, he is well-dressed, sharp featured with bright blue eyes and a smokin' bod.  Boyfriend has muscles.  Yes, we are talking six-pack.  Rent "Drop Dead Sexy" if you have a couple of hours of your life to burn.  You get to see him in his skivvies and it is soooo worth it.  

Some people cannot get past his eccentricities and see the hotness within.  He would be the weird guy, the one that would show up at your door dressed as a mime for a booty call at 3 am, or who would go into a mad shrieking fit at your nephew's christening.  He'd cackle as he'd drive you both right over a cliff in his vintage 1940's sports car.  Personally, I'd welcome the excitement.

Check out these photos of him and admit it... He's a cutie.



  1. Crispin Glover IS HOTNESS and the weirdness makes it even better!