Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sean Penn: I lika' da man wit' da big nose!

I have no proof of this, but I strongly suspect that Sean Penn must smell very, very good.  I can imagine leaning in towards him and gently inhaling the scent of the crook of his neck, rich with pheromones and the faint odor of salt, burning leaves, maple syrup and a freshly emptied ashtray. Then, I'd gaze up at those gorgeous eyes o' his and reach out and ....(gasp) touch...his...NOSE.

Sean's nose and I go waaay, way back, to my budding 'teen years, when he was kicking the shit out of the paparrazzi and squiring Madonna 'round town.  At Close Range was in the theaters and I went to see it, dazzled by his ample, facial profile.  In addition to the nose, he was blessed with beautiful eyes, manly, MANLY hands and forearms, a splendid chest and blessed little ass. His talent is undeniable, and coupled with his hotness, it's almost just too, too much.  

Yes, I know, he cheats on his wife and then cheats on the other bitches with more bitches and so on. I'm not looking for a lifetime committment here, people.  Just give me a few sessions with Sean. Take two angry polecats and toss them into a burlap bag.  That, I imagine, is how the man fucks.  Sack of hammers.  End of story.

This li'l post goes out to Cheryl.

Dig the attached pics.. gaze at the nose!

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