Sunday, April 19, 2009

Michael Palin: The Rascal. The Nice Guy. The Hottest Python.

Oh, stop me if you've heard this one before, but English men are kii-iinky!  I have collected enough  personal data over the years to confirm this and I have spoken to many other men and women who agree with this information.  So, if you're English, please don't be offended.  Really.  I'm not saying it's a negative thing, in fact, I quite like it, if it's not accompanied by whining and griping about how much you hate the U.S. when you come visit me from the UK.

 I digress...

My inner California-girl comes out when I see a photo of Michael Palin.  I tend to say (out loud) "OMG He is SOOOOO hot !!!" and then I spill my cheerios or whatever and have to get up and clean my keyboard.  MP is smokin' hot and is one of those rare men whom I'd still like to hook up with, even though he is about to turn 67. 

Lady Python fans branded Micheal Palin  "the cute one" and I imagine that this caused much envy among the others in the Python cast (sans Graham Chapman and Carol Cleveland).  I believe it was a moniker that Mr. Palin waved off and laughed about, but deep down, he had to be flattered.  Of course, all of them are cute and adorable in their own way and Terry Jones is and has always been strikingly handsome. 

Still, Michael Palin is set apart for many reasons:  first of all, everyone who has worked with the man tends to comment that he's gracious, friendly and adaptable. He' s also the kind of man who'd bring a good bottle of wine (not cheap but not too pricey) to your mother's for dinner.  He's the guy who would clean your tub if he left a whole buncha hair in it after a shower, He'd help you walk to the car after you'd tossed back too many cocktails, he'd drive out to the airport and pick up your friend because you had to work late.  Your cat loves him, all of your friends' kids adore him, he dresses well, he styles his hair but it's still mussy and manly and smells like woodsmoke and patchouli.  He'd smoke grass and stay up late and giggle with you all night while you listened to Dusty Springfield on the turntable.  

In addition to the above, he no doubt has a rather randy and kinky side, as most intelligent and funny men do.  I'm sure he's a very sweet lover, but if you asked him to spank it for a while, he'd oblige.  Go ahead, let your mind wander...

Please enjoy the adorable shots of MP.


  1. 48 years my senior damnit! So adorable. :)

  2. I consider Eric Idle the 'cute one', Michael palin is more like the charming one. Haha, he has such an adorable likeable quality to him, his face always make me squeal <3

  3. <3 Michael Palin <3 is my favourite member of the troupe. Like wing stock said, he is instantly likeable and his facial features are so adorable. I had a crush on him since the first time I saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And my, has he aged well!