Sunday, May 10, 2009

For the Guys: Classic Cheesecake, Starring Donna Reed

A few of my friends have asked me to try and venture out of "male territory" and do a nice little write-up from time to time about beautiful women of the world.  I think it's a marvelous idea, if it doesn't include women such as Megan Fox or porn stars.  If this is what you're after, then I suggest you quit being such a cheapass and break out the plastic and find some site that satisfies your raging libido.

At any rate, this is the first installment of my Cheesecake feature.  Enjoy!  

Lovely Donna Reed is best known for the long-running, tedious television program, "The Donna Reed Show," in which she played the ultimate, wholesome housewife.  Her character, Donna Stone, was coiffed with a stiff 'do that was most likely achieved by the use of soupcan rollers and plenty of Aqua Net and she donned mostly housedresses which remained immaculate, regardless of her daily housekeeping.  The show sapped Reed of her natural beauty and made her look both matronly and old beyond her years.  And as one can surmise by reviewing the attached photos, Reed was quite a stunning woman.

Prior to her television series, Donna Reed broke out of her nice gal roles and sunk her teeth into the character Alma "Lorene" Burke, the red-hot prosty in From Here to Eternity.  She played the mistress to Montgomery Clift's toubled bad boy so well, that she was awarded the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1954.

Perhaps her sweetest and most beloved role was as Jimmy Stewart's gorgeous wife Mary Bailey, in "It's A Wonderful Life."  There is a splendid scene that stays within my memory of George and Mary falling in love.  Standing close together while she talks on the phone, the situation becomes very, very tense and they gaze into one another's eyes and try to keep their passion under wraps.  A friend of mine asserts that by the look on George's face, Mary is holding more than the damned telephone!  I, however, refuse to believe that Mary would be delivering hand jobs in a Christmas movie, but hey, that's men for ya'. 

Please enjoy the photos from my first Cheesecake installment.

(This one goes out to Roger. )


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