Monday, October 5, 2009

Michael C. Hall: B*tch Looks Good at ANY Angle!

Michael C. Hall is one hell of an actor. I love him in "Dexter" and adored him "Six Feet Under." Boy has some serious thespian chops; trust. His preference for darker fare also intrigues me; hopefully, this actor will not "cross-over" into shitty blockbuster roles!

Brother is also built like a brick house. Luckily for his viewers, Mr. Hall does not seem to mind acting in only his underwear or a small towel and he is all too willing to flex those guns and showcase that mean, little ass of his. Is it wrong that I get the chills while watching him inject tranquilizer into his victims' throats? Call me fucked, but I am rooting for Dexter Morgan.

Michael C. Hall's coloring is damned near perfect (at least, if you are an Anglophile such as I). I still cannot figure out his eyecolor, but who fucking cares? He could have cat's eyes and I'd still bone down. I have never, ever seen him look bad. All lights seem to flatter his complexion (which is beautiful) and he looks good in every outfit he wears onscreen or on the red carpet.

He and his co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, recently tied the knot, which I think is just adorable. I can only imagine the heat that must generate between the two of them while on the "Dexter" set.

Check out MCH, and tell me he doesn't look fabu in every photo?


  1. no way - the dude is uggggg-ly

  2. Hey, not a comment to this particular post, but i really enjoy your blog in general.

  3. i love him! i just finished marathoning dexter - so good. and i love six feet under as well. i'm just wondering why you stopped posting, please update! :P

  4. you kidding? dexter is awesome! never seen anyone like him! and michael c.hall portrays his role to perfection!! no one else could have done it better.

    A Dexter fanatic